Sooner or later, every English learner asks themselves or their teacher this question. If we look at speaking a language as a skill, then this frustration is justified. You learn something, you practice — that’s it, it’s done. But what if we look at learning a language as at acquiring…

It is a great process — to teach. You give your knowledge to others, but you also learn. I would like to share some thoughts that can be useful for those who want to learn a language, who are learning it or who think it’s entirely not for them.


Here’s how.

Imagine ‘The Hobbit’ beginning in social networks. With Gandalf as a social media manager trying to lure Bilbo into an adventure of his life with posts and pictures. Curious, right? So was I when I had this thought. And I started developing it.

I thought of a modern Gandalf running…

Anna Shastak

Language enthusiast in search of my voice.

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